What can dancers post on Instagram Reels?

So, what can dancers post on Instagram Reels? When it comes to social media, there’s always something new. Right now, the newness is still all over Instagram Reels.

And even thinking about posting there might give you a pit in your stomach. So, let’s start brainstorming ways dancers can show up on Reels.

But, before I get there, just a few words on IG Reels. Like what are they exactly?

  • Reels are kinda like TikTok videos. (but on Instagram, stay with me)
  • Reels are one of Instagram’s newest posting features (released 2020)
  • Reels are just videos with added editing & music capabilities.
  • I repeat. They’re just videos.

If you’ve been exploring Reels and trying to pick up on trends, you’ve probably found that many are heavily edited with captions or graphics or transitions. And if you’re doing those things. Keep doing them! But, I’m here to tell you you don’t have to.


You can simply talk.
You can simply dance.
Give a studio tour.
Do anything you’d do in a regular post and share it in a REEL.

Here are some more ideas that answer that question, “What can dancers post on Instagram Reels?”:

  1. An introduction – of yourself, or of your faculty/staff, or of your studio, or your company!
  2. A combo – take a video of yourself, your assistants, your dancers working on a combo or across the floor combination
  3. An inspirational message – are you the pep talker before a show or competition? Share one of your pep talks just for a Wednesday or a new month.
  4. Your dance philosophy – why do you dance? why do you teach dance? tell the world
  5. Old footage – you CAN add existing videos to your Reels. Time for a “best of” moment!
  6. Bust a dance myth – I need to see it to believe it!
  7. Day-in-the-life – take snippets of videos throughout a day then stitch them together to show us what a dancer does all day. (Glamorous, we know ;))
  8. Updates! – you’ve got 30 seconds, so just talk to the camera (aka, your phone) and tell us what’s new.

We’re just scratching the surface on what you can do with Reels. I hope you’ll try out some of these content ideas.And remember, Reels is just one more way to share your content. Keep it simple and have fun!

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