Three ways to use your back-to-dance photos

Now that you’re back-to-dance for your new season, so is your camera. And that means some fresh content to post on your social media. But what do you do with all those smiling faces and pointed feet?

I’ve got you covered. Keep reading for three ways to use all those special moments.

1 – Use them now. Put them in a carousel. These swiping posts are the most engaged with style post on Instagram. This is a great way to do a week in review or a month in review. You can include up to 10 images in a carousel. (Bonus points if you include a graphic cover to let folks know to swipe right!)

2 – Make them special. Create an IG Reel or Video. Find a trending track (like this one) on IG and sync your photos to the beat. If you’ve seen this trend on Instagram, know that the typical timing for each photo is around .04s. 

3 – Use them later. Scroll through your photos or videos and select your faves. Think about selecting some from each age group or style. Then, use your favorite scheduling tool like Planoly, Later or Canva to schedule them to post in advance. Write a short caption about the style or age group that you’re featuring. That’s less posts to think about in the busy weeks ahead! 

Now go, get those back-to-dance photos off your phone and into your social media.

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