Branding Basics for Dancers & Dance Professionals


Forget everything you know about branding! (Well, almost.)

Sure, your colors, your logo, your fonts, and your photos are ALL important aspects of how your branding looks, but what’s even more important is what’s at the core of your brand. Dive into this quick-start guide to learn about how to center your brand around your values and showcase your unique selling points to your community.

What’s included: 35-minute video & accompanying workbook; Dancer’s Story Guide Mini E-Book; Canva branding template



It’s time to brand your dance biz. Whether you’re a studio owner, a professional, or a dance business owner, let’s tell your story so you can take center stage.

The Branding Basics for Dancers will help you rethink how you show up in the dance world. This quick-start guide will help you define your brand and learn how to translate that into messaging for your website, social media content, and beyond.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 35-minute video to help you unlock the secret value of your band
  • Follow-along workbook to help you tackle key pieces of your brand
  • Dancer’s Story Guide Mini E-Book to get your story aligned
  • Canva brand template to help you build a cohesive brand (works with the free version of Canva)

Let’s talk about how to translate your vision into a brand. As a fourth-generation dance professional and advertising professional, I understand the importance of branding. I will discuss the definition of a brand, common mistakes to avoid, the significance of branding in marketing, and how to create a brand strategy. By the end of this video, you will have the knowledge and tools to establish a strong brand identity that aligns with your goals and values.



**NOTE** This basic workshop is perfect for those just starting to define their brand. It will cover basic principles and outline simple steps you can take to get started building your brand. This is for you if you’re unsure where to start. If you have a brand and are clear on your brand’s principles, this content might feel repetitive to you.


When you purchase, you will receive a link to a ZIP file that includes a text file (read that first), and 2 PDFs. Your links to the video workshop & the Canva template will be found in your purchase email and your text file.