April Social Content Templates


For-dancers-by-a-dancer Canva & caption templates.

➡️ Calendar with strategic content ideas
➡️ 30 Canva templates
➡️ 30 caption prompts
➡️ Easily customizable to your studio’s branding with the free version of Canva.

Your purchase will be a PDF download.


April is Here! and so is your content 🙂

Check out the April Canva & caption Pack for dance studios. Guaranteed to make your social media easier.

Creating posts can take a lot of effort for what seems like little return. The solution? Remove the effort with these made-for-dancers Canva & caption templates.

➡️ Calendar with strategic content ideas
➡️ 30+ Canva templates
➡️ 30+ caption prompts

*Click through the thumbnails to preview some of Canva graphic templates*

These social media templates are made with marketing your #dancestudio in mind.

Use the content calendar to post timely ideas that capitalize on social media trends AND keep your enrollment needs and mind.
This pack of templates includes 30+ square Canva templates featuring uplifting messages to inspire your dancers and families. Each includes a caption prompt to make posting easier than ever.

When purchased, you’ll receive a PDF download which includes a link to the Canva template and a Google Doc featuring the caption prompts. These templates work with the free version of Canva. You do not need Canva Pro to use these templates, however, if you’d like to try it out, click here.


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