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How to incorporate May Holidays into your Dance Content

As a dancer, it can be tough to know how to incorporate May Holidays into your dance content calendar. But it’s possible. It can be fun. AND, it’s not as hard as it seems. Let’s take a look at some May holidays (real and made up ones) that you as a dance studio owner or dance brand could consider adding to your content mix this month.

⭐️ It’s AAPI Heritage Month, and an easy way to celebrate is to spotlight AAPI dancers you admire, have worked with, or have learned from.

⭐️ World Laughter Day is May 2nd. A great way to celebrate and show off your brand personality is to capture some behind-the-scenes footage of dancers laughing together.

⭐️ Mother’s Day is, of course, the perfect day to celebrate your Dance Mom or Dance Moms in your studio, or even yourself as a Dance Mom. May is also a great time to celebrate Dance Grown-Ups in general!

⭐️ National Tap Dance Day comes near the end of the month on April 25 and is a no-brainer if you perform tap dance, teach tap dance, or just love tap dance. It’s also a great way to advertise any new tap workshops or classes you may have coming up.

⭐️ Memorial Day is a change to honor those in your life and/or community who have served. If you or an employee has served, be sure to recognize that sacrifice as well.

⭐️ National Brother’s Day on May 24th is an opportunity to spotlight any all boys classes as a studio. As a dance professional, you may have your own brother to highlight. Maybe he’s your biggest fan? Or was always caught dancing in the hallway?!

⭐️ As the school year wraps up, take a time to celebrate graduating seniors everywhere. OR, use this as a chance to share a throwback of your own high school graduation memories or senior recital.

⭐️ Finally, celebrate some dancer birthdays. Martha Graham, Fred Astaire, Bill Bojangles Robinson, & more.

Add one or two of these per week to your scheduled social media posts and you’ll have something to share every week! And if you are looking for more help on what to write or a template to share, check out the May Content Templates, now in the shop!

A collage of May canva templates for dance studios.

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