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How to use your Instagram profile link for your dance studio

When it comes to your Instagram, you only get one link. So, how are you going to use it?

Instead of changing it out all the time, you can use that link as repository for many links. 

While there are services to do this, I highly recommend you build out a simple mobile-friendly landing page on your website to handle this traffic. It’s as easy as creating a landing page with buttons that you can update whenever you want. 

For instance, say you want to have 4 constant links: 

  • 1 email sign-up
  • 2 class schedule 
  • 3 holiday schedule 
  • 4 contact form

You can ALWAYS have those 4 links on the page. But, you can add other links when needed. 

Holiday show rehearsal schedule? — add a link.

Recital t-shirt order form? — add a link.

Picture day sign-up? — add a link.

It’s easy to add a new button on the top, and then direct followers to the link in your profile.

So, why use your website instead of a service like LinkTree? There are a few reasons:

1 – you control the site. If LinkTree goes down, you can’t do anything. If your site goes down, you can contact your hosting provider and fix it.

2 – it’s free! Or, well, it’s already paid for, if you’re paying for your website.

3 – you’re driving traffic to your site. So, when they see the link in your profile, they don’t see link.tree/8countcontent. They see They’re likely to click it right there, so it might seem like it doesn’t matter, but having your URL there just reinforces your branding. WHICH, is the goal of keeping up with your social media for your business. 

Need help setting something like this up? Get in touch with me at kelly(at)8countcontent(dot)com.

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