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how to plan social media content for your dance studio or brand

Not sure how to plan social media content for your dance studio or brand?

Let’s break it down.

It’s crucial to remember that this is all about planning it. Not creating it. Having a plan is a good start to being more consistent with anything, social media included.

Step 1 – Grab a blank calendar of the next 3-4 months. You could go old-school and print out a blank one from here. (that’s my style). Or you could open your fave digital calendar. Your choice.

Step 2 – Write down all the important holidays, social media holidates, events, deadlines, birthdays, etc, happening for your brand.

Step 3 – Star/Highlight/Bold those days that you wish to share on your social media.

Step 4 – Look at the bigger events/deadlines and work backward, thinking about when you want to start publicizing those dates. One week ahead? One month ahead? Up to you. Go ahead and make some notes on your calendar.

Step 5 – Depending on how many days you have filled, you might choose to plan out some recurring content as well. Think testimonials, inspiring quotes, photo dump Fridays, and more.

This system works great for social media. BUT, it also works great for planning out all your marketing efforts for the year. Simply repeat the process for your email content, newsletter content, or any other type of media you might use to support your business.

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