Do dance studios need blogs?

No. The answer to the questions “Do dance studios need blogs?” and “Do dancers need a blog?” And “Do dance companies need a blog?” The answer is always “No.”

That’s it. This could be my shortest blog post ever. BUT… I’m not going to leave you guys without some more wisdom than that.

When it comes to your dance studio or dance professional website, you do NOT need a blog. You don’t need to be putting out written content on a regular timeline about anything. 

But, I’m a dance teacher and I really want to blog? So… can I?

Yes! Of course you can. If you WANT to blog, do it. But, keep reading this post and see if I talk you off that ledge.

While you don’t need to be regularly updating your blog, you do need to be regularly updating your website. That’s the best way keep your site relevant to your target client AND the almighty Google.

So, what pages can you update aside from a blog?

  • Website Pages to Update for Dance Studios:
    • Performance or recital info
    • Class schedule
    • Teacher bios
    • Competition results (if applicable)
    • Media 
  • Website Pages to Update as a dance teacher, performer, choreographer or company:
    • Past Appearances
    • Media
    • Upcoming appearances
    • Booking info for availability
    • Resume or bio
Photo by Mikayla Mallek on Unsplash

And for all dancers, if you have an email newsletter, you could always create a “latest news” page and link it there.

The most important thing is to update different pages at different times so your site stays relevant. You could think about a schedule like the following:

  • December/January: Add summer camp info
  • January-June: Add competition/convention photos or results
  • June: Post next year’s class schedule (if known)
  • Summer: Add photos from summer camps/competitions
  • September: Update teacher bios and class descriptions
  • September – December: Post upcoming winter performance or annual recital dates

Next time you stumble across typical small business advice about having a blog, don’t ask “do dance studios need blogs?” Instead, update your site regularly. Today’s websites are easier than ever to update, so try it out. Let me know what you’ll update first.