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How dancers can celebrate made-up holidays

Ever wonder how dancers can celebrate made-up holidays that the Internet seems to keep creating for us? Then read on. Because whether you’re trying to celebrate a single day, like National Get Organized Day (4/26), or a whole month, like Mental Health Awareness Month (May) or Black History Month (March), it’s easy to incorporate holidays into your dance business, dance content, or dance studio.

Here’s the thing about many holidays and observances – they’re made up!

Sure, there are important historical dates of battles fought, independence won, peace treaties signed, discoveries made. But then there are days like “Lumpy Rug Day” (5/3), “No Diet Day” (5/6, but really, it should be every day), and “International Tuba Day” (5/7, thank me later.)

You see, there’s a day to celebrate everything. And anything.

So the short answer to “how can dancers show up on social media to celebrate holidays?” is this… if you aren’t sure what to post, pick someone, something, some memory, and celebrate it today. Throw a party, take some photos, write a post, and share it.

If you’re looking for more concrete ways to celebrate specific days, keep reading, I’ve got tips.

Three things to remember when dancers celebrate “holidays” on social media

First, dancers don’t have to try to celebrate every holiday that pops up on social media. Only celebrate those that are meaningful to you, your business, and/or your community. Again, there is a holiday for everything and every day. If you tried to celebrate all those holidays at your dance studio, that’s all you’d be doing! Stick to those that feel special to you and your community.

When you narrow down which holidays feel appropriate, try to tie them back to dancing, yourself, your business, or your community. Take one of the days mentioned above as an example. Dancers can celebrate “Get Organized Day” by sharing a video or photo of all the items in their dance bag. Dance studios could celebrate “Get Organized Day” with a list of what dancers need to get organized in advance of an upcoming dance recital. Dance businesses can celebrate “Get Organized Day” by sharing any organization step in their processes that help their clients. And if you’re not an organized dancer or dance business owner, you don’t have to celebrate that day at all. (You could jump on the Get Organized Month bandwagon in January though!)

Speaking of, if dancers are looking to celebrate a month-long observation, a little planning will go a long way. You may be passionate about a topic and want to do something every day at the start of the month, but if you’re not used to posting every day (if sharing on social media) or having a topic ready for every day, it might be better to plan for a weekly or bi-weekly cadence. You’ll also want to ensure you have enough knowledge to share about any topic to celebrate for an entire month.

Finally, when dancers think about celebrating these holidays in their studio or on social media, simply remember to have fun. Made-up holidays are just that – made up! So feel free to poke fun at yourself and let your personality shine through.

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