Dance moments into brand messages

How to turn dance moments into brand messages

It’s easy to take those things you see in your studio and put them on social media. But do you know how to turn dance moments into brand messages? I mean big bold messages that help tell your story? Here’s one way, start paying attention to all the “firsts” that are happening in your classes, studio and community.

Me? Personally, I am living in a world of “firsts.” As a mother with two small children at home, it seems there is always a “first” happening. First steps, words, jump, catch, game, etc. etc. While all these baby firsts don’t mean much to anyone outside my family, the firsts within your dance studio can mean so much to your audience, especially prospective dance families.

We don’t always think about these tiny firsts all around us. But I’m challenging you to seek them out. Then turn those dance moments into brand messages. Find them in your dance community, studio and company. Make them meaningful for you.

Then, use your firsts as marketing moments to build your brand’s story. How? Here are some examples of how ‘firsts’ can translate into brand values:

First boys’ class / adaptive class / seniors class  = accessibility, openness, inclusivity

First pointe shoes = growth, strength, dedication, diligence

First ‘freeze dance’ = fun, creativity

What are other firsts you see in the dance studio? Splits? Competition routine? Pair of weights? Wings? 

We’re teaching something new everyday and seeing all these milestones. It’s easy to celebrate them for what they are. It’s better to use them to celebrate your mission as a dancer and educator. My challenge to you, find the moments, connect them to what makes you as a dance educator unique, and share them with your audience.

Need help figuring out your brand stories? Let me know. Email me anytime at hello [at] dancekellystyle [dot] com.

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