Content Planning and Strategy for Dance Pros

Whether you’re a studio owner or a dance professional, chances are you know more about Content Planning and Strategy for Dance Pros than you think. Chances are, you’re doing it every week for your classes. So, how can we get that to translate to the marketing and media you put out as content?

You wouldn’t go into dance class without a plan, right? A plan to do a warmup, some across the floor, work on technique. And it’s all building to what? A recital dance, a competition piece, a strong dancer who can audition for the program of their dreams. That’s your long-term strategy. You have goals you’re working toward.

You can have a plan for class, but without a strategy of how you’ll get to that spring recital, you’ll never get there.

Same is true for your social media and marketing. You can plan posts, send emails, post pictures day in and out. But if there is no strategy and goals attached, what’s the point?

If you’re reading this, chances are you like the idea of having social media posts planned out for your dance studio so you don’t have to think about it every day. And that is a great idea. I love a plan!

(Speaking of plans, did you grab your free calendar filled with content ideas for dance pros? You can sign up and get it here.)

Back to the content at hand… that is, content strategy and content planning.

Your strategy should connect back to your vision for yourself and your brand or studio in the future. Let’s go to the examples, shall we?

Want to be THE go-to tap studio in a 50-mile radius? Then you’re gonna want to focus on all the ways tap enhances a dancer and life and all the ways you bring tap to your community.

Want to be the teacher who is known for cleaning competition dances so they shine like the screen of a brand new iPhone? Well, start posting how you do it, show examples and grab some testimonials from the folks you’ve done it for.

Want to be the dance company that’s known for placing students in prestigious summer programs year after year? Then let us know where they go, show us how when you start training them, give us before and afters and testimonials and everything. Like a suspect before a jury, build your case — but, you know, only for being guilty of amazing teaching methods, not of anything. 🙂

Once you’ve nailed down that strategy that ties to your vision, you can take a look at planning out how you’ll execute it.

And if you need some help with your content strategy, you can email me at kelly[@]8countcontent[dot]com to get started. (Just remove the brackets to make that a typical email address.)

I’m currently taking on a very limited number of 1-on-1 clients and you might be one of them. Talk soon!

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