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Content ideas for dancers in July

If you are dance business owner, dance studio owner, or a dance pro wondering what to share on social media, these content ideas for dancers in July are for you.

Instead of simply posting to post, let’s add a dance spin to these content ideas for July. Whether it’s a real holiday or a made up one, it’s best to try to align all that you share with your brand.

⭐️ 7/4 IndepenDANCE Day – if you’re in the States, you know it’s coming up. You can incorporate it into your dance social media by talking about loving the freedom we have to dance.

⭐️ 7/17 Emoji Day – emoji day celebrates the date of the calendar emoji (📆). Turn this day into a holiday by sharing your favorite dance emojis (🩰, anyone?) and/or seeing which emoji your dance community thinks is missing.

⭐️ 7/26 Parents’ Day – as a dance pro, use this day to celebrate your parents or parental figures in your life. If you’re a studio owner, it’s a perfect day to celebrate the folks who are your clients, unsung heroes, prop parents, drivers, etc.

⭐️ 7/30 International Day of Friendship – dance friends make the best friends. Celebrate your own dance friends or the friendships of your students, staff, or company members. If you are a brick-and-mortar business, this is a great day to build community by sharing about your business friends in your local network.

⭐️ Dog Days of Summer – so many ways to showcase summer. Talk about your summer classes, talk about yoga (downward dog anyone?), talk about how you’re taking time off to recharge for next season.

⭐️ Fall Preview – if you’re a studio owner, talk up your fall classes and showcase those you need more enrollment for. If a dance pro, feature your fall schedule and, if you’re looking for more work, talk up what you want to do next. (manifest it!)

⭐️ Teacher/staff highlights – studio & biz owners, showcase your teachers & staff, build connections within your community.

⭐️ Dancer birthdays – including Agrippina Vaganova (6th), Ginger Rogers (16th), & Charles Weidman (22nd).

Add one or two of these per week to your scheduled social media posts and you’ll have something to share every week. As you do, remember to try to connect them to your overall brand. Still working on building your brand? Get started with this perfect alignment for dancers quickstart guide.

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