Branding Basics for Dance Pros and Dance Studios

When it comes to branding basics for dance pros and dance studios, there are a few simple things that will help you get started quickly and stay focused as you grow your presence, brand or studio.

Let’s focus on words you hear thrown around A LOT when it comes to branding. Your purpose, values, mission and vision. Sounds like a lot, I know. But it’s all related. And one will lead to the next.

Start with your purpose, or your “why.
You probably already have it in your head. But it’s the main reason you dance, other than monetary gain… which, who are we kidding? That’s probably not the main reason. Now, to really find your “why” or your purpose, you want to ask yourself that question:

“Why do I teach/choreograph/manage/perform/etc?”

And when you answer that once, ask yourself why again…

“And why do I do that?”

And then ask yourself again and again until there are no answers left. On average, it’s about 7 “whys.”

It’s value time.
With your purpose in mind, think about those driving forces that lead and call you to dance. Is it creativity, education, legacy, fun, spirit, allyship. Values can be anything you want. 3-5 key value is usually a good place to land.

If you are a join owner of a studio, have a work partner or similar, you can each make lists then decide which are the MOST important together. This could even be a fun exercise to do with core faculty members.

Your Mission
Now, “Mission” and “Vision” get confused a lot. And you might be thinking do I need both.

Yes. The answer is yes.

Your mission is what you do and how you do it. (We’ll get to vision in a moment.) It’s external, it’s something you want your community to know about you. It’s memorable and emotional.

Having trouble? Think of your audience, what you offer and what makes you unique. Here’s a prompt:

“Be the most/best ____…”

Which, for a studio, could become “Be the best tap studio in the tri-state area through top training, guest artists and premier performance opportunities.”

And Your Vision
If your mission defines what you are, your vision as a dance professional or dance studio defines what you want to be known for.

It’s a 5-year goal that’s achievable. It’s internal. It’s something you put on a sticky note and read it to yourself every day. It’s about the community you serve and the difference you want to make in it.

Ready for the prompt?

“I/We will ____…”

And in practice, for a dance producer, that becomes “I will inspire connection in my community by bringing together diverse populations to create eclectic dance productions.”

I feel like I just became that dance teacher who throws out the combination in 20 seconds and expects you to do it all right away. BUT, that’s not the case.

Start with one of these — your purpose or your values. Let it marinate in your mind. Bookmark this post and come back to it when you’re ready.

These branding building blocks will help you as you move forward in your content strategy!

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