8 Count Content was created so dance professionals could show up more consistently online in less time.  

You’re a dance educator/choreographer/studio owner/dance boss/dancepreneur and you’ve got a million and one things to do when all you really want to do is kick up your feet and dance.

Do you ever just need a magic wand to make writing about your dance business easier?

Maybe you have a love/hate relationship with writing emails & social content because:

  • You’re pouring so much effort into it and not getting any engagement in return.
  • It feels like not one person is reading anything you put out there.
  • It’s one more thing to do and you because a dance professional to dance, not write emails and post on social media.

Good news. You’re in just the right spot!

(of course you are, you’re a dancer!)

This is where I make my entrance.

Only my magic wands are my laptop and my iPhone.


I’m Kelly and I create content for dance professionals who love showing up on social media but honestly just don’t have time for that. (Who does?)

I create content strategies and write captions and emails to help you take back your time without sacrificing your messaging (or sales).

I give dance professionals just like you more time back from the endless content cycle–all while providing more clarity on their messaging and why they actually wanting to show up online in the first place.

With 15+ years ad agency (yes, like Mad Men) experience and 20 years dance education experience, I have written award-winning content for brands that include Dance Spirit, National Geographic Channel, Olympus, JetBlue and more.