A Dancer’s Story: Caitlin Sloan, The Brainy Ballerina

You don’t know what you don’t know until you don’t know it. That’s the case for all of us. And, when I sat down with Caitlin Sloan, founder of The Brainy Ballerina, I learned that was part of the reason she created her company.

A couple things Caitlin said really resonated with me. The first was about how hard it can be when your work is what you love and what you love is your work. Sure, it’s hard. But it’s possible, and that’s something Caitlin helps dancers achieve.

It’s hard to have a job you’re really passionate about… But there’s something to be said about being really passionate about your job and really loving what you do. And I want dancers to find that balance to be able to find both.

Caitlin Sloan, The Brainy Ballerina

Our conversation covered things like finding your focus, dealing wth overwhelm and more. But the thing that stood out to me about Caitlin (and the reason you’ll want to follow her work) is the reason why she believes in the power of dancers…

When you look at students, they have so much to say and they have so much ability. And as dancers, we’re in the corps, we’re in line, we have to be cookie-cutter… But because you do that when you’re dancing, you tend to fall into this pattern of doing the same thing when you’re dealing with the business side. You are your own business as a dancer. You have to treat yourself like a business to put yourself out there as a dancer. …It’s learning how to put yourself out there in a positive light and celebrate your strengths. And remember it’s not boasting, it’s sharing what your good at because that is how you build your business as yourself. 

Caitlin Sloan, The Brainy Ballerina

I continue to be amazed at the value Caitlin is providing to the dance community. So, give her bio a read, below, and then follow the links to catch up with Caitlin.

Caitlin Sloan, founder of The Brainy Ballerina, is a dance educator and former professional dancer who guides aspiring pre-professional dancers to a successful dance career.

After college, Caitlin soon realized she didn’t have a complete understanding of the professional dance world. Even though she studied dance. 

Still, armed with her dance degree and little industry knowledge, Caitlin successfully navigated her way to a professional dance career. She conquered auditions, cover letters, contracts, communication, and, of course, the technical skills that go along with being a professional ballerina. 

So, why did Caitlin start The Brainy Ballerina? Well, alongside her professional dance career, she began teaching, hoping to impart all her newly-gained knowledge to dancers just starting their dance careers. She quickly realized though, in the dance studio, there just isn’t enough time to teach this supplemental education.

Today, the Brainy Ballerina teaches dancers to have a successful dance career that works for them. How? Through two things dancers know best – focus and balance. Caitlin helps dancers focus on their values while balancing what matters to them in both their careers and lives.

When she’s not helping dancers redefine and achieve their version of success, Caitlin enjoys spending time with her family, fighting off cold Wisconsin winters, and reading.

To learn more about Caitlin’s work, visit TheBrainyBallerina.com.

To stay up-to-date with Caitlin, connect with her on IG @TheBrainyBallerina.

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