5 Instagram Story Ideas To Post Now

Stories connect us. Stories teach us. They make us laugh and cry.

And Instagram and Facebook stories are no different. 4 in 10 Instagram users engage with stories every day. That’s 500 million people every day.

But what can you say now that you’re (probably) away from your dancers and your studio? Here are 5 ways to engage your audience with IG (or FB) stories:

1-Polls all day.

These are so easy to create and even easier for your fans to interact with. Simply start posting “this” or “that” style polls.

2-Question everything.

Use the Question bubble to ask your audience questions or get feedback. OR have your audience ask you questions in an “Ask Me Anything” style game. (This could be fun to do with each teacher!)

3-Use a template.

There are SO MANY great templates out there. You can find so many simply by googling “Instagram Story Template.” Pick some up and tweak to fit your needs. (OR, drop into my Dance [Content] Studio membership to get four customizable ones every month.)

4-Start a challenge.

This can be in the lines of the 30-day challenge or just a weekly challenge. Challenge your dancers to sit in their splits.  Or to make up a dance. Then they share it and tag your studio.

5-Student takeover.

Hand over the reins for 24 hours to see what some of your students want to see in the feed. Not only will they be providing content for you, but they’ll also help you gain insight into what they like to see in Instagram stories.

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